Carlos Amorales: Herramientas de Trabajo, 26 Jul 2017 — 06 Nov 2017

Carlos Amorales: Herramientas de Trabajo

Museo De Arte Moderno de Medellin, Ciudad Del Río, Carrera 44

The work of Carlos Amorales (Mexico City, 1970) revolves around language, and translation as a process of generating meaning and the (im) possibility of communication through encrypted or unrecognizable forms. Amorales operates in the limits of the image and the sign through different means that include animation, video, cinema, drawing, installation, performance and sound. His practice is based on different forms of derivation: instruments that become the characters of his films, letters that become forms and narratives that become actions impossible to verbalize.

“Herramientas de Trabajo” (working tools) are housed in the A, B and Foundry Rooms of the MAMM and is divided into three sections that group three of the great interests of the artist: the moving image, the fixed image and, in the Sala de Fundiciones, the music. Without being retrospective, the exhibition aims to account for the varied and prolific career of the artist, as well as the elements that give unity.

Contacts & Details

T: +(574) 444 2622

Museo De Arte Moderno de Medellin, Ciudad Del Río, Carrera 44
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