Ensemble, 28 Apr 2016 — 29 May 2016


In Cuba, no spaces remain empty. In each corner lays an object, on every wall hangs a painting, a poster or a photograph. Colors on facades, cornices and windows change from balcony to balcony. Likewise, grilles and gates curl up into seemingly free motifs – Neoclassical or Art Deco regardless, they flourish from Tropical soils. On the other hand, palm trees and flying roots sprout from roadsides, and so do fichus and bougainvillea. Somehow, the architectural eclecticism, as well as nature’s exuberance, reflect the people’s diversity. For centuries, traditions and cultures have layered and mingled blending races and religions.

The recent past has fueled solidarity within the islanders. In ancient palaces, where today live various generations of families, at night one even hears the breathing of a neighbor. By day, the same families share spaces, meals and entertainment gathered in courtyards in front of a screen or a game of dominoes. Inspired by Cuba and its inhabitants, Arte CONTINUA, from its opening in November 2015, fills walls and floors with artworks that echo even in the air. In its space, a former cinema theater in Havana’s Chinatown, three exhibitions overlap. The first show, Anclados en el Territorio, dedicated to Cuban artists, in January 2016 was joined by the artworks of four Italians. The union of the two groups became YOU + ME = US. On April 28, 2016, Arte CONTINUA expands once again including the works of Galleria Continua’s Francophone artists. Whereupon, this new exhibition, Ensemble, will undergo the fourth and final phase of the journey, both mirror and genesis of the Cuban culture. In early summer, in addition to Cuban, Italian and Francophone artists, Galleria Continua’s Chinese will deal with a space not only already busy, but practically full.

Opening Ensemble to celebrate the Month of French Culture in Cuba (May), Arte CONTINUA invites Etel Adnan, Daniel Buren, Pascal Marthine Tayou and Kader Attia to express themselves both within its space and around town.

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