Adel Abidin: Musical Manifest, 08 Mar 2022 — 30 Jun 2022

Adel Abidin: Musical Manifest

Adel Abidin is currently working with the themes of identity, power, fear, escape, clichés and insecurities using language, by manipulating well known pop song lyrics that once used to express love, hope, and dreams.

Meem Gallery, Umm Suqeim Road, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE

Abidin has made a series of music videos in which he is the actor and singer of his own stories. By using a new compilation of lyrics, he illustrates and expresses what we all hide or what we are afraid of mentioning. The project consists of a series of six unique music videos that resembles a synchronised body of work titled The Musical Manifest.

This piece utilises different musical genres, and the videos will be filmed in way that truly represent the surrealism and absurdity of our common time by reflecting on all that the artist has experienced in his lifetime. The work is an audio-visual challenge, a symbolic representation of individuals who have been forced to leave their countries and homes for whatever reason. Their original meanings will change along with their messages as soon as they start integrating with other lines within a new environment.

One’s identity is related to the family history, nationality, home country, the passport and above all the culture he/she was raised in. When these foundations are shaken, it opens numerous questions.

Contacts & Details
Sat – Thu 10am – 6pm
T: +971 4 347 7883

Meem Gallery, Umm Suqeim Road, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE

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