Anno: Black, Light, Soul, 15 Sep 2015 — 07 Nov 2015

Anno: Black, Light, Soul

La Galerie Nationale, Unit 27, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE

La Galerie Nationale showcases the first solo exhibition titled “Black Light Soul” of the Belgian artist Anno.

“Adding a string to ones bow” for one’s professional career is usually synonymous with knowledge from the field. In the case of Anno, born in the City of Luxemburg in1977, adding artist to his interior designer experience is a rather natural acquirement.

Today, although she works with passion and rigor, both travel and time gave her the confidence to unveil her work to everyone. Recent or not, they reflect an inner journey that will appear, in September, at La Galerie Nationale in Dubai. The series of photographs and the video that will be on display perfectly express Anno’s desire to move forward on a new path as well as the complexity of engaging in a direction whose challenges we do not yet completely perceive.

Reserved by nature, she has, for too long, preserved her creative secret garden from outside viewers. Her trained eye has ushered in daily objects with which she offers to share her life. They are doomed to having a discreet presence, which ultimately leads to a renaissance due to an artistic gesture. As such, this set of stalagmites partly coated with a thick medium generating a strong contrast with the simplicity, fragility and transparency of origins.

All of her work is based on personal aesthetics and a taste for balanced or minimal proportions. The beauty that surrounds her guides her for days. It all evens out through intense color, black or blue, which she regards as an inspiring muse and elegant. But like the Yin and Yang, the white is never far away, like an echo to her own duality.

A 2001 graduate of CAD in Brussels, Anno joined the outset of internationally renowned design offices. Living in New York allowed her to forge her identity without turning away from her roots and from Belgian Culture (art, music, fashion). Her open mind quickly understood the canons of the tradition by giving free rein to her imagination: an art without censorship or restraint, just personal vision that ignores the past. Her art must be combined with this before giving her a future.

Anno alternates working sculpture and painting as two distinct languages that express her true nature. The specificity of trinkets and other memorabilia disappears. On them, color casts a unifying veil. Conversely, the mesh metal, used here as a reference to architecture, still lets show through the light like a window into another dimension. The balance between respect / support is integral to the original design.

She creates works in both senses in which the sensible skirts the rigor and precision. This spirit comes from the profession for which one must take into account external desires and other requirements it manages carefully. In art, she controls nothing but lets herself be guided limitlessly by her instincts.

This first exhibition in La Galerie Nationale can be seen not as a beginning, but as the culmination of ten years of intimate creation that will be revealed at this opening. This production placed in center stage is a challenge Anno now feels ready to take on. Witnessing the first steps of this artist who is finally shedding her reservations promises to be an emotional event.

Contacts & Details
Sat – Thu 10am – 7pm
T: +971 4 380 46 52

La Galerie Nationale, Unit 27, Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE