Modu Method and Layth Mahdi: The Path, 16 Dec 2021 — 30 Mar 2022

Modu Method and Layth Mahdi: The Path

An exhibition offering a special experience in which the visitor is invited to explore the designs of Modu Method and Layth Mahdi in an interactive environment.

1971 Design Space, Flag Pole, The Flag Island, Sharjah, UAE

The designs that are transformed into this art installation fill the entire gallery space at 1971 – Design Space and has been based on the theme of the Sharjah Islamic Art Festival 2021 Gradations.

The installation focuses on the gradation process of what humans go through in the passage of life to explore what is right and wrong. The designs consist and reflect on numbers that have religious connotations in Islam and other religions, namely the numbers 5 and 7. Gradation is the process of fluctuating between one entity and another – a process that turns into a journey.

The designs are mainly composed in elements made in and out of the numbers 5 and 7 structurally act as symbolic reminders to the viewer of the passage of life itself. The pieces of the exhibition have been created in a modular, interactive format for viewers to explore their functionality.

MODU Method is an independent house of products founded by Emirati designer Omar Al Gurg, influenced by pieces collected, passed down, and lived with. MODU, short for modular, represents pieces that are multi-functional, faceted, and that grow with time. The MODU Method is an exploration of human behavior and the interaction with objects and spaces. MODU plans to create and encourage a way of living that is convenient and functional, to the extent where a community is developed around the method. The brand also encourages the exploration of human behaviour and its interaction with objects and spaces. The products are mainly inspired by mid-century design.


Contacts & Details
Sat – Thu 10am – 9pm; Fri 2pm – 9pm
T: +971 6 528 4644

1971 Design Space, Flag Pole, The Flag Island, Sharjah, UAE

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