Raghava KK: The Guernica Project, 16 Feb 2022 — 16 Apr 2022

Raghava KK: The Guernica Project

Presented in the main space of Volte Art Projects’ Alserkal Avenue gallery, Raghava's 2021 work, entitled Guernica for the Siri-ocene, is a monumental 3.5 x 8 metre long painting that marries a wide range of inspirations, including the artist's personal research, his encounter with Picasso’s original 1937 masterpiece, and a broad spectrum of his lived experiences.

Volte Art Projects, Warehouse 13, Alserkal Avenue - 17th St, Dubai

For this phygital project, Raghava KK draws on his wealth of digital experience that garnered him a record-breaking, $94,500 NFT sale at Sotheby’s last year.

A constantly growing series, The Guernica Project comprises paintings, digital prints, and a large selection of NFTs which retell Indian history through cartoon characters and memes. Harnessing the historical and the über-contemporary, Raghava tells a captivating story that rejects the binary classifications of conflict and harmony.

Raghava’s painting is displayed alongside prints of 69 NFT works created based on characters from the painting.

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Mon – Sat 11am-7pm

M: info@volte.art

Volte Art Projects, Warehouse 13, Alserkal Avenue - 17th St, Dubai
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