Who is She?, 13 Nov 2016 — 31 Dec 2016

Who is She?

Judy Blum Reddy and Poonam Jain map identity and religion on two ends of a time scale defining the contexts of modernity and the contemporary using the prism of feminism. Judy uses sarcasm and humour to poke fun on the iterations of male modernism and painting by drawing out train tables and bureaucratic committees in New Delhi. The identity of the nation is defined in its systems that are inefficient like committees to eradicate poverty, but identities are not always national, Judy was born to parents who had escaped from the holocaust in Vienna to New York, married to Krishna Reddy in France, India has been recurring in her artistic career. But is she Indian? The system of religion is inefficient in defining ones choice of vocation and life choices such as partners. Poonam Jain draws impossible architecture as if it were based on the tenets of Jainism. Dealing with the assertions of Jaina philosophy that is based on mathematics and infinity she allows us to see the alienation and violence that a city sheds on an independent woman. Drawings , Sculptures and Timetables reconfigure a seminal solo of Judy Blum Reddy ‘Who is She?’ in New York in the 80s – but this time in two parts along with Poonam Jain – where they present affirmatives of feminist conceptualism.

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