Need or No Need, 14 Dec 2018 — 17 Feb 2019

Need or No Need

Kunsthalle Mainz, Kunsthalle Mainz, Am Zollhafen 3-5

The exhibition marks the first individual one of Italian Lara Favaretto in Germany. The artist develops objects, installations and situations deeply influenced by the aesthetic principles of Arte Povera. Her pieces result from the gradual assembling of objects, materials and colours in unusual arrangements, which play with contrasts such as hard and soft, heavy and light, found and created, among others. Favaretto mixes poor materials used in everyday life like wood, metal and concrete, with precious and vibrant ones. Her works clearly express the processes behind them: Favaretto, in fact, is used to stress materials and experiment with them, highlighting in her pieces the steps of collection, remembering, transformation and decay which they undergo during their creation.

Contacts & Details

T: +49 6131 126 936

Kunsthalle Mainz, Kunsthalle Mainz, Am Zollhafen 3-5
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