ACC Commission Series: Light Barrier Third Edition, 23 Jul 2016 — 23 Oct 2016

ACC Commission Series: Light Barrier Third Edition

Asia Culture Center, 38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu

The “ACC_Commission Series” is a large scale project of the Asia Culture Centre, co-producing ambitious artworks from renowned artists both at home and internationally, in collaboration with the ACC ACT centre. The fisrt of this series is ACC_Commission “Light Barrier Third Edition [2016]” by studio Kimchi and Chips.

Founded by Mimi Son (South Korea) and Elliot Woods (UK), the studio creates revolutionary artworks which transform everyday materials, digital light, and time and space. The artists expand the drawing canvas into human, architectural and intangible spaces, using light as a pigment on this expanded canvas to experiment with unique visual expressions. They explore this theme under the title ‘Drawing in the Air.’

ACC_Commission “Light Barrier Third Edition [2016]” is a new instalment in this series of works, expressing the ambiguous confusion and nonconformities at the boundaries between materials and non-materials, reality and illusion, and existence and absence, whilst crafting an incredible surreal vision which stretches the human understanding of time and space.

Contacts & Details
tue, thu, fri, sun 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; wed, sat 10:00 am – 7:00 pm


T: +82 18995566

Asia Culture Center, 38 Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu

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