Barim Residency 2016, 24 Sep 2016 — 30 Oct 2016

Barim Residency 2016

After the two months residency, the artists are showcaseing the result of their experience at Barim.

Changgyun Jung (Seoul)
Changgyun works in audio, visual fields especially using programming, field recording and many different highly technological tools to create music. At Barim, he will record sound and create objects to design soundscape and interactive works.

Minseung Kang&Siyoung Park(Gwangju)
Minseung&Siyoung make and publish a free magazine called “sasimji” in Gwangju. They work on expanding the realm of Gwangju culture where very little of subculture exists. At Barim, they will not only make a magazine but will create a new project to suggest a new culture in Gwangju.

Hui Ye (Austria/China)
Hui studied electronic music and including composition using programming, she works in a field of performance and visual arts. At Barim, she will mainly use the physical characteristic of Goshiwon to install objet, and also is interested in sound performance.

Ciara Lenihan& Lisa Freeman (UK&Ireland)
Ciara&Lisa work as a duo called Performance Motorbike. At Barim, they will research/ interview the history of Ireland revolution and Gwangju revolution, and use image synthesis technique to create a performance.

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