#com( ), 15 Sep 2018 — 16 Sep 2018

#com( )

Barim, 3F, Daeui-dong, Dong-gu

“#com( )” is a project by Six Space (Hanoi) and Barim (Gwangju). The 1st edition took place in December 2017 in Hanoi and the 2nd edition is presented in September in Gwangju, South Korea.
The showcase title “#com( )” is a code language which verbalises an exchange through digital network which was longer and as important as a physical exchange in the project. Simultaneously, it implies countless function languages starting with ‘com-’ related to this exchange project such as communication, communist, combine, composition, complete, compare, commotion, compact compromise, comment, and etc.
A frame given to participants by the curators was simple. Participants from Gwangju would focus on the irony of Gwangju being known as a contemporary art city or a democratic city, but without a local contemporary art context and having been politically isolated from the central government. Hanoi, an old city with tradition, is going through a period of growing pains between a new change and its role as the capital city. Participants from Hanoi would focus on the criticism of Hanoi that the city has opened itself up especially to Western philosophy and thoughts to some degree, yet still remains cliquish.

Contacts & Details
M: barimgwangju@gmail.com

Barim, 3F, Daeui-dong, Dong-gu

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