Crack, 20 May 2015 — 03 Jul 2015


Galería Habana, Línea 460 e/ E y F

Starting from the term Crack, the selected artists represent the different facets of the financial crisis. The euphoria, panic, addiction, global chaos, insomnia, the housing bubble; are elements to consider for making the works. The universal condition of the objects to be replaceable, reducing the quality of a given attribute and measurement of the human through the material to be excluded from the system axis values: these are the steps climbing in money’s contemporary society money that has been established without any hindrance in the way of life and the daily work of this man-mass that dominates public life -the political and nonpolitical today.

The money penetrates morality, politics, not to mention religion, art and mass culture, is flexible to adapt, it has dominion simultaneously to transform in to material what should be human.The work of Tonel, Just Follow the Money, could perhaps represent either a traveler, a subject that has stopped on the way to see the vastness of the horizon placid extended into view. The phrase is on the idiomatic expression, which normally indicates the possible financial motivation behind any cause, idea or effort is paired with a literal, visual interpretation of the saying. It alludes to the migratory movements in today’s world, when travelling to faraway horizons seems to be the most viable option for the survival of millions of people on earth. Carlos Garaicoa presents the installation Portafolio where eight gold plates hanging on the wall as commandments which are read and staged phrases, attitudes and events of feeling citizen before the order and coercion exerted on individuals the money power of the big banks.

Using the advertising format as above, Los Carpinteros played on a fence medium format phrase: La cosa está de pinga. Appropriating mechanisms ads, this expression from the Cuban slang is relocated in a new context: a space to accessing all public, avoiding any filters that advertising campaigns used to access a particular audience, language and very specific interests.

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T: +537 832 7101

Galería Habana, Línea 460 e/ E y F

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