Before. After, 27 Nov 2015 — 28 Mar 2016

Before. After

Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

What comes before the process, what comes after it? Are before and after cause and effect, or are they a quest with no end point?

These thoughts are triggered by “Before. After”, which presents works by Tung Wing-hong, Samson Young, and a conceptual project by L sub, in a way that arouse re-thinking on the impulse on oneself, history, environment and social values. Their inspiration is drawn from everyday life and the surrounding environment, while the process of visitor participation is vital for bringing new life to their works. “Before. After” transforms Oi! into a space that creates a dynamic passage of art experience for visitors.

Using spatial design and movable installations, “The Divided Bodies” by Tung Wing-hong changes the ordinary, visually led viewing experience of the audience. Physical experience and subjectivity are transformed into a work of installation art. The audience is able to explore the senses of their bodies in a specific space and thus create their own physical experience and awareness of subjectivity.

In “Stanley”, a multimedia installation composed of a series of prints, neon signs, an indoor beach and a performance, Samson Young explores a bygone era of Hong Kong and the connotations of war. His works resonate with the history of war and the background of the site where Oi! is located and invite visitors to review this past as they stand on silken sand under a sunny sky.

Presented by L sub, an artist collective composed of core members Pak Sheung-chuen, Lee Soen-long, Wo Man-Yee Wendy and Yim Sui-fong, “Hack” is a conceptual project that focuses on the tension between public and private, official and unofficial, seen and unseen testimonies of the participants and public. The traces of the negotiation and intervention undertaken by the participants overlap and reconstruct the memory of Oi!.

Contacts & Details
Mon 2pm – 8pm
Tue – Sun 10am – 8pm
Free admission
T: +852 2512 3000

Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

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