Guillaume Bottazzi: Wonderland, 21 May 2016 — 04 Jun 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi: Wonderland

Hong Kong Central Library, Causeway Road, 66

This event will induce visitors to evolve in an unreal world, a world which will call upon our imagination and our creativity. In front of the difficulties we are facing in our contemporary world.

In a 565 m² space, the Hong Kong Central Library will host the first public Guillaume Bottazzi’s exhibition in Hong Kong. On this occasion, 23 recent paintings will be shown, including artworks of 3 meters by 2 meters and 2 meters by 2 meters. This exhibition includes oil on canvas and also some paintings made with fine plaster and glue on fabric. A workshop will be held under the theme: « Living together ».

Will also be presented visuals of its artworks in public spaces, a specialization of this artist. Guillaume Bottazzi has signed more than forty monumental site-specific art works, including the biggest painting in Japan for MIMAS (Miyanomori International Museum of Art). His most recent work, a 200 m² painting, takes place in the artistic path of Paris La Défense, the largest open-air contemporary art space in France.

Contacts & Details
T: +852 3150 1234

Hong Kong Central Library, Causeway Road, 66
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