Inspired by Fashion, 13 Mar 2015 — 28 Mar 2015

Inspired by Fashion

Inspired by Fashion, co-curated by Poly Gallery and Vogue China, presents the representative works of 11 artists, alongside crossover works with the fashion industry. Their attitudes towards the confluence of art and fashion provides an interesting angles to learn about contemporary Chinese society.

All born between the 1960s and late 1980s, these artists range from established leaders of Chinese contemporary art to young emerging artists.
Tan Ping and Jiang Ji An, as artists of the post-60s generation, view fashion as representations of individual personality, preference and choice, but rarely reference it within their works.
Jiang Zhi, Cai Zhi Song and Wang Mai, who were born in the 70s, recognize fashion as part of a social movement, choosing to incorporate its influence selectively within their works.
Female artists Gao Qian and Peng Wei use clothes, jewellery, perfume and shoes within their works, they deconstruct fashion to try and decode the contemporary zeitgeist and moral customs, explore individual values and social standards.
Younger female artists like Han Ya Juan, Lei Meng Ting and Ma Ling Li were born in the late 70s and 80s, and came of age in a time when popular culture was predominant. They take inspiration from fashion and popular culture without inhibition, and view fashion trends and aesthetic tastes as part of their art practice.

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