Lindy Lee: Universal Record of the Flame, 16 Oct 2013 — 16 Oct 2013

Lindy Lee: Universal Record of the Flame

10 Chancery Lane Gallery, G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Hong Kong

10 Chancery Lane Gallery presents Universal Record of the Flame, a solo exhibition by Australian artist Lindy Lee.The exhibition gathers a series of bronze and metal works that are the result of Lindy’s evolution from ‘flung ink’ painting practice. The tradition of ‘fling ink’is an ancient Chinese painting technique which is based on spontaneity. After a period of meditation, the artist takes up a cup of ink and splashes it across paper. Although the marks appear to be made from chance, the spiritual understanding is that the patterns formed are caused from the interconnection of all conditions that exist in the universe in that moment. Within these marks is embodied the energy and totality of the entire cosmos.

Lindy Lee has expanded this tradition to incorporate the flinging of molten bronze to create enigmatic shapes which are then used to create sculptural wall works. The fire stone sculptures take the process even further to make three dimensional forms which take on the energy and distortion created by intense heat. These sculptures are riven with fire, reminiscent of the flaming mystical wish-fulfilling pearls treasured by Chinese dragons.

Lindy Lee is one of Australia’s foremost contemporary artists, with a career spanning three decades in
Australia and internationally. Born in Brisbane, Lee’s works from the 1980s began an ongoing investigation
into issues of selfhood, identity and authenticity via concepts of the copy and the original.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sat 10am – 6pm
Mon by appointment only
T: +852 2810 0065

10 Chancery Lane Gallery, G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Hong Kong

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