Phoebe Hui & Tung Wing Hong: X+Y, 29 Sep 2016 — 23 Oct 2016

Phoebe Hui & Tung Wing Hong: X+Y

K11 Art Foundation, chi art space, 8/F New World Tower 2, 18 Queen’s Road, Hong Kong

Technology has advanced with years, and has changed the way we perceive the world as well as the way we redefine art. The K11 Art Foundation (KAF) presents X+Y: Duo Solo Exhibition with Phoebe Hui and Tung Wing Hong (“X+Y” or “the exhibition”). Curated by Jeff Leung Chin Fung, X+Y is the third exhibition of As Far As Near organised by KAF. The exhibition presents artworks by two cross-media artists, Phoebe Hui and Tung Wing Hong. Their artwork uses different art medium, paired with various mechanical equipment, to let the audience explore how technology affects our perception of the world and ourselves.

Phoebe Hui is inspired by the popular “harmonograph” in the late 19th century, a device that can draw beautiful geometric patterns to depict the scientific theories in music. By applying electronic technology, Phoebe creates her new harmonograph. The swinging movements of the audience produce waves on the water, and provide the source for making sound. The scientific theories in music are now visible and audible.

Tung Wing Hong explores the relationship between viewpoints and space. His video installation, custom-made for the chi art space, includes various montages of video footages and endless cycle of mechanical movement, featuring an ambivalent experience to the audience. His new artwork invites the audience to look at the montages and find the complexity and multiplicity of our world, through the screens in various formats that resemble of the borders or visions of different worldviews.

The exhibition is named “X+Y”, represents the X and Y human chromosomes, which also metaphorically represents the different education background and concerns of the two artists. Both of them use kinetic art to illustrate the static and stagnant art form, and demonstrate their different views of technology impact on the world.

Contacts & Details
Mon – Sun 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


K11 Art Foundation, chi art space, 8/F New World Tower 2, 18 Queen’s Road, Hong Kong

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