Sparkle! Regarding Lightness: On Life’s Way, 13 Feb 2015 — 21 Jun 2015

Sparkle! Regarding Lightness: On Life’s Way

Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

The Sparkle! exhibition series have been exploring the worlds that the artists currently inhabit, that is everything that intersects and overlaps where they are right now on their journey.
The ehhibition suggests three points of entry, “Where else to go”, “Elsewhere to go” and “Way to go”, which conjure up various qualities of artistic freedom.

“Where else to go?” is a question of our times, but where does it come from? As artists go about their work, how do they put this question to themselves? “Where else to go?” may not be a question motivated by getting lost, but it calls for pauses between our footsteps and time to take a breath. It makes possible the freedom to pursue a destination.
Living in a world where work, leisure and rest are compartmentalised in time and space, we are not encouraged to address the relationships between experiences and thus to reflect on life. Are artists who live among others in this alienated world able to find the freedom to pursue an “elsewhere to go” in their creative processes? And as a pursuit, how different is “elsewhere” from leisure and pleasure of the consumerist kind?
In a world slanted in favour of material growth, differences are rejected, thickness is flattened. Do artists who naturally find a “way to go” change the co-ordinates and boundaries between these worlds? Do they find reasons to be at home with themselves?

Contacts & Details
Mon 2pm – 8pm
Tue – Sun 10am – 8pm
Free admission
T: +852 2512 3000

Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

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