Tobias Klein: Cut & Sea, 01 Dec 2017 — 22 Apr 2018

Tobias Klein: Cut & Sea

Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

A hundred years ago the space of Oil Street Art Space was located at the shoreline with the sea at the front and mountains at the back. Today, it has been transformed into an art and cultural hub for the general public. The views of the mountains and over the sea are covered by the grown city.

Tobias Klein’s work, set in the courtyard of Oi!, consists of two large interventions, one excavating the ground and the other cutting into the dividing fence, which allow the viewer to see the behind, hidden and in-between of this urban space. The incisions are closed with moving circular steel disks on retractable rails. The viewers can decide to either open or close, to uncover or hide the natures of the city and the new relationship between human being, the cut earth and the revealed sky.

Contacts & Details
Mon 2pm – 8pm
Tue – Sun 10am – 8pm
Free admission
T: +852 2512 3000

Oi!, 12 Oil Street, North Point, Hong Kong

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