Wang Huangsheng: Lifelines, 03 Sep 2019 — 12 Sep 2019

Wang Huangsheng: Lifelines

Curated by Katie Hill, Programme Leader of Art of Asia and their Markets at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, “Lifelines” brings together Wang’s new series of calligraphic works “Daily-Practice”, the Prose Poetries.

Wang believes: “Daily-Practice is a way for Chinese to cultivate cultures. We would waste thousands of paper sheets just for practicing calligraphy, but poetry writings are more like playing a game of expressing emotions.”

In his practice, Wang combines classical poetry and painting. Through the practice as a daily ritual, the artist is to attain “cultivation” and “enlightenment”. The “chaotic” script where characters overlay each other contains the artist’s classical sensibility, as well as a fusion of aesthetic and conceptual meanings that echo and reverberate with the past.

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