Winter Group Show, 23 Nov 2015 — 31 Jan 2016

Winter Group Show

Contemporary by Angela Li, G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Contemporary by Angela Li presents winter group exhibition with artworks by nine contemporary artists. Showcases around 20 pieces of highlighted artworks from the gallery’s represented artists. Selected works include oil painting, installation, photograph, sculpture, present each artist’s inspiration and awareness of their life experience.

Chen Wenling combined master artist Auguste Rodin, Salvador Dali and Fernando Botero’s influence with aspects of the Realism movement to make works of art that would become controversial in his iconic “Red Memory series”.

He Chongyue, one of the most esteemed contemporary artists in the circle of Chinese photographers today, travelled through China, going deep into the country’s rural areas and captures with his camera the insignificant and fading people of our time.

Li Hongbo became one of the popular contemporary Chinese artists exploring the malleability of materials, his expendable paper sculptures and carved knife sculptures command viewers to think out of the box.

Li Zhanyang‘s sculptures captured people’s daily life and the conflicts of social issues in human’s society. Through his subtle observation, his works present a vivid exposure of reality with a bold, provocative style.

Martin Wehmer’s thick oil paintings bear an abstract style while conveying simple and clearly represented subject matters. His images are visualizations of the discourses among diverse ways of representations from our history and cultures, as well as the interactions he has with them.

Peter Steinhauer having started off as a black and white photographer in 1993, he first began documenting the many facets of Hong Kong in monochrome when he arrived in the city, before becoming inspired by the colourful scaffoldings wrapped around old buildings to create his popular “Cocoons series”.

Shi Jindian with his continuous creative processes from traditional to modern art, he has developed into an ‘organic intellectual’ artist of unique skill, and this is reflected in his choice of subject matters – objects with historical and cultural significance and his superb craftsmanship.

Shanshan Sheng trained in both classical Chinese calligraphy and painting and the theories of Abstract Expressionism, drawn equally by her ancient Chinese heritage and the techniques of modernism, she epitomizes the complex situation of the modern Chinese artist.

For Wong Perngfey to paint is to believe that there is something worth remembering. He projects his history and longings onto spaces he inhabits, and in turn these spaces fill up his memories. His paintings document his stories and roots in places he has lived in, evoke memories as he reminisces, and are clues for people tomorrow to ponder on.

Contacts & Details
mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat 10:00 am – 6:30 pm


T: +852 3571 8200

Contemporary by Angela Li, G/F, 248 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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