Nari Ward: Holding Patterns per Arte – impresa – territorio, 20 Oct 2018 — 06 Jan 2019

Nari Ward: Holding Patterns per Arte – impresa – territorio

Villa Pacchiani Centro Espositivo, Piazza Pier Paolo Pasolini

In the frame of “Arte – impresa – territorio“ project, the show is a part of the relationship between the artist, and UNIC – Concerie Italiane, and Linea pelle S.r.L., and, in the context of a project of wider scope begun in 2013 with whole hearted support from the Municipality of Santa Croce sull’Arno, GALLERIA CONTINUA and Arte Continua Association, all of which have always been interested in the relationship between art and territory and advocates of the need involve artists in the process of reconsidering social issues.

This show presents a series of works inedited created expressly for the project and others pertinent to the process of encounter and exchange with the entire Santa Croce sull’Arno territory and the many different aspects of its productivity and social complexity. 

“The works on display represent a complex narrative in which each work is a concentrate of personal and collective experiences that are transfigured by the artist’s poetic. Plastic, plexiglass, leather, iron, resin, fillers, objects picked up by chance on visits and inspections here and there are used by the artist in juxtapositions that uproot the object from the real or realistic and project it into an unprecedented experiential dimension,” remarked the curator, Ilaria Mariotti.

Nari Ward (born in 1963, St. Andrew, Jamaica), lives and works in New York.

Contacts & Details
T: 0571 30642

Villa Pacchiani Centro Espositivo, Piazza Pier Paolo Pasolini
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