Shining Rock, 11 Jun 2016 — 30 Sep 2016

Shining Rock

The personal exhibition of Helidon Xhixha in Pietrasanta in collaboration with Contini Art UK and under the Patronage of the Bozzetti Museum and the Municipality of Pietrasanta.

“I am very pleased to announce that I have been invited to exhibit in the historic Tuscan town of Pietrasanta by the mayor Massimo Mallegni. The exhibition is scheduled for this summer , from June to September 2016, and I want this show to represent a new direction in my practice. Pietrasanta has a staggering history and, as we all know, is famed for some of the best quality marble in the world. For hundreds of years the people of Pietrasanta have been quarrying this beautiful white stone, which has been favoured by artists such as Michelangelo all the way through to some of the leading contemporary marble sculptors. For this reason, as homage to the location, I have decided to start creating some of my own works in marble. I will experiment by fusing marble with the more familiar stainless steel, a combination that I am very intrigued to see the outcome of, as well as a visual representation of my transition between the two materials. I will also make some works purely using the local marble. I want these sculptures to maintain my signature stylistic approach; in the same way that my stainless steel sculptures are manipulated and distorted, I want the marble to retain that rhythmic abstract aesthetic. Exhibiting in a place with such art-historical importance is a great honor and achievement and therefore I want to show my respect for the town by referencing their significant past whilst at the same time displaying a transition in my own practice.” Helidon Xhixha

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