Jumps into the Water, 10 Sep 2016 — 21 Sep 2016

Jumps into the Water

A video performance, two photographs, a painting, a glass pane and the Artist’s intuition – or how not to get seduced by the illusions of history, not to give in to collective thinking and not to succumb to the madness of totalitarianism.

In 1993, in his Gdańsk studio, Jarosław Fliciński painted the first paintings from his cycle “Jumps into the Water”. When he invited Gary Hell, an autonomous performer, to cooperation, he offered an inquisitive reading of reality, renouncing the then dominant, thought-numbing myth of ‘the end of history’.

“Exercises in Ideology” are a manifestation of individualism and atomise the sick fantasies of the superhuman and the cult of the master, tearing down the pseudo-serious veil of totalitarian gesturing and ironically mocking the propaganda relying on a contempt towards people.

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