Hayv Kahraman: Gut Feelings, 25 Feb 2022 — 29 May 2022

Hayv Kahraman: Gut Feelings

Gut Feelings explores how the body manifests trauma, healing and the embodied experiences of 'Otherness'.

The Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Rd, London SW5 0SW, UK

Gut Feelings” is Hayv Kahraman‘s solo exhibition of paintings and mixed media works at The Mosaic Rooms, London.

The exhibition revolves around the concepts of healing and trauma as perceived and manifested by the body. This is a further step in Kahraman‘s research, which is centred on the embodied experiences of “Otherness“. In this context, the gut becomes a formal and material trope to investigate ideas of trauma and renewal.

This new series of paintings and drawings feature knotted intestine-like cords that seem to engulf the female figures. This organ-like form is also related to the interconnectivity of the organs that compose the body, as well as neurological connection. For the first time, the artist experiments with new materials and mediums, such as linen canvasses, paper and handmade flax fabric.

Contacts & Details
Tue – Sun 11 am – 6 pm
T: +44 (020) 7370 9990
M: info@mosaicrooms.org

The Mosaic Rooms, 226 Cromwell Rd, London SW5 0SW, UK

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