Michele Abeles: world cup, 01 Nov 2018 — 15 Dec 2018

Michele Abeles: world cup

“World cup” is the second exhibition of the artist Michele Abeles at Sadie Coles HQ, featuring new works by the artist. All the pieces, although part of four separate series, use the photographic medium to portray a suspended atmosphere, inspired by the idea of a waiting room, namely a non-place made of dilated time and infinite potential. The pictures constitute the occasion, for the artist, to investigate themes such as gender, power and psychology.

The first series’ elements are named after reptiles and represent situations marked by a paranoid feeling; two other series of portraits, unusual for Abeles’ production centred mainly on abstract bodies, are focused on male subjects, objectified and recontextualised as icons of contemporary masculinity by the female gaze which capture them. The fourth body of works explores the typical  imagery of waiting rooms.

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