Penny Goring: Damaged Goods, 12 Nov 2016 — 10 Dec 2016

Penny Goring: Damaged Goods

Arcadia Missa, 35 Duke St, London W1U 1LH, UK

Arcadia Missa presents a solo exhibition by the artist Penny Goring, an installation of sculptural works produced over 2016. The work of Goring is totalising; a scene is created in which the artist materialises many of the figures and tropes found in a prolific output of poetry and drawing published online across many platforms 2009-present. Iterations of Penny and from her psyche: totems and objects of memory, desire, pleasure, hate, fear and lust.

“Square stuffed so hard it’s a circle. Hanging in a black lace papoose. Sucker for red on white, lookin for excuse to make beautiful. BAD gateway. Yes, white PVC spike = white lace only. Virgin stick, ghost bone, death bone. Yes, red PVC sticks = emergency sticks + poss red lace. Ppl are scary and then they die, wen they are dead u can prod them w ur ghost stick. Here it is. I made it 4 u. Ghost goad – No – Fuck off. White pin heads in top – nope. U can’t fuck with death bone, virgin death bone. All night ghost leg shitfoot. Is my fence called ’emergency fence’ or ‘self as fence’, no, just FENCE. Deaf & Blind Stick, wtf is it called – STICK of the seven sorrows. Fuck this! That stick is shit! Just do: blk lace over fur stick OR over a new velv. War tree. Maybe make the heads detachable – fixed on w safety pins – no – ties sewn on, yeah. HAVE THE BALLS to not be beautiful in this world. HAVE THE TITS to be ugly. Intense stretch of vile time. The men of always aren’t interested in the children of never. A punishing year, futile fun. Branches droopy tho – not straight. 3000 ways to define yourself, 5 ways to set yourself tree. Droopy gloom. White PVC branches, blk lace shroud. Ppl are a cold ocean. Dead rabbit baby, silver grey wool, upside-down eyes. Cruciform parachute. Hanging tree, birch tree, weapon tree. Dead baby in grey woolly straight-jkt. Blood red shame tree, bleeding blood tree + feathers on end of top branch. Old tree. Branches lumpy grey. Bcuz you’re not meant to, I will x Psychedelic teardrops of stone cold love. One more coat on stand, don’t stuff 2nd branch down, diagram of teardrops positions, lil circle. No decoration//all decoration. Weepin pile of shit babies. Pale grey cotton velvet + burgundy. Black lycra rounds w eyes. Night Tree covered in PVC tears. The Ever-growin Funeral Pyre of Mistakes. I need a happy ending – and fast. How change it. Spray paint – veil – wrap – applique – glue lace over central main sections. Draw some furniture trees. Pyres. Deep Shit Tree, brn felt, navy velv. Red lace, deflated. Veil of shit. Blk hairy fur. Weeping. It has to be blk fur. Saint death hole crusade. My face glued on w many guises: ghost, head of flames, on the stake, porno crone, dripping milk, dripping blod, schoolgirl, covered in flowers, feathers, cuts, junkie, alky, gimp, blue, tutu, penis, bigger tits, tears, beggar, liar, thief, eternity, opium, poison. I’m not middle-aged – I’m medieval. DROOPY STAREY TREE. Lumpy glarey tree tree tree tree tree. Star gazy tree. Pourin out mine eyes. #sheer. Man prop. A shitfooty manhandle-ish pvc lace extravaganza. Canned applause. Holy music. Choir of angels. Flower girl scattering cut up poems. Nobody loves Blue Grey Tree. Unnecessary heart. Leave dead baby ALONE. Wanna make a whole forest of trees to live in. Blk velv eye circle – base of Love mug, big blu face circle – rim of fuchsia bowl, PVC blk eye – rim egg cup (fake glass). I feel really scared and then I remember the rabbits. The bentest stick in all the whorled. Weeping shit babies are mourners so are the blue balls. The bleeding tooth fungus. 3 claws, hairy spike, blu hand & blu arm of an alky. 1980 floor show. I know I survived bcuz I wanna make a velvet hand. Sleeping golden shitfoot”

Contacts & Details
Wed – Sat 12 pm – 6 pm
T: +44 (0)20 7935 7448

Arcadia Missa, 35 Duke St, London W1U 1LH, UK

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