Rock on Top of Another Rock, 07 Mar 2013 — 30 Sep 2013

Rock on Top of Another Rock

Serpentine Gallery presents “Rock on Top of Another Rock“, a massive sculpture by the Swiss duo Fischli/Weiss. The installation, that will be on display in Kensington Gardens until March 2014, is composed by two giant granite rocks precariously balanced on the top of each other.

Rock on Top of Another Rock” is related to another Fischi/Weiss oeuvre, “Equilibres/Quiet Afternoon” (1984), a photographic series which shows precarious sculptures moments before their collapse. The sculpture, visible also from a long-distance (it stands approximately 5 metres hight) in the park, demonstrates the lively irony of the collaborative duo and, at the same time, shares a strong relation with its site – it reminds some British Neolithic monuments.

The world-renowned duo Fischli/Weiss became famous with “The Way Things Go” (1987), a 30 minutes video with a cause and effect chain of everyday objects. They also won the Golden Lion at 2003 Venice Biennale with “Questions” and they had exhibitions in the most important museum and art institutions of the worls. “Rock on Top of Another Rock” is one of the last work created before David Weiss’ death in April 2012.

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