Rodney Graham: Central Questions of Philosophy, 03 Oct 2018 — 03 Nov 2018

Rodney Graham: Central Questions of Philosophy

Lisson Gallery London, located in 67 Lisson Street, hosts the solo exhibition dedicated to Rodney Graham, featuring his new body of lightboxes. Graham has begun working with this media back in 2007 and has evolved these works into larger and more complex series, which embody various aspects of his artistic practice, such as photography, sculpture and painting.
The artist plans every detail, building complex sets which reference various fields, such as history, pop culture and arts and where he usually plays the protagonist role. The so-created scenes aim to question principles and conventions of the art world but also to investigate the mechanisms of perception.

The exhibition features, among the others, the biggest lightbox ever created by the artist, a four-panel piece, and is titled after the eponymous work in which the artist portrays himself as the philosopher A.J. Ayer, who wrote the essay “Central Questions of Philosophy”.

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