The Calder Prize 2005 – 2015, 04 Feb 2016 — 05 Mar 2016

The Calder Prize 2005 – 2015

Pace London, 5 Hanover Square, GV74+HQ, London, UK

Pace London presents The Calder Prize 2005–2015, an exhibition exploring the enduring impact of Alexander Calder through the work of six contemporary artists. The exhibition will be on view from 4 February to 5 March 2016 at 6 Burlington Gardens and will feature the work of Calder in conversation with the six laureates of the Calder Prize to date: Tara Donovan (2005), Žilvinas Kempinas (2007), Tomás Saraceno (2009), Rachel Harrison (2011), Darren Bader (2013), and Haroon Mirza (2015).

The exhibition coincides with Alexander Calder: Performing Sculpture at Tate Modern, which delineates the artist’s transformation of sculpture from its historically static confines into a continually changing form that is experienced in real time. On Friday 12 February at 6:30pm, Alexander S. C. Rower, President, Calder Foundation and grandson of the artist, will discuss the exhibition with Achim Borchardt-Hume, Director of Exhibitions, at Tate Modern.

A maverick of modernist art, Calder rejected hierarchies of material, embracing industrial media including wire and sheet metal. His invention of the “mobile”, a term coined by Marcel Duchamp, in Paris in 1931 was among his most radical contributions, permanently transforming the landscape of art by introducing the concept of performativity as well as actual kinetic qualities into sculpture, engendering a redefinition of art beyond composition and material.

The Calder Prize 2005–2015 highlights Calder’s profound influence on contemporary art, exploring his resonance on a generation of twenty-first century artists. The biannual award in the amount of $50,000, which was inaugurated by the Calder Foundation in 2005, honours artists who have made exemplary work early in their careers that can be interpreted as a continuation of Calder’s legacy.

Though the six laureates work in different media, they share a passion for Calder’s innovative spirit to  envision new directions for sculpture. Their work hereby re-contextualises the scale of Calder’s influence far beyond his lifetime.

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Pace London, 5 Hanover Square, GV74+HQ, London, UK

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