Cabello/Carceller: Borrador Para Una Exposición Sin Título (Cap. II), 20 Jan 2017 — 07 May 2017

Cabello/Carceller: Borrador Para Una Exposición Sin Título (Cap. II)

Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo presents “Borrador Para Una Exposición Sin Título (Cap. II)”, a solo exhibition by the artists Cabello/Carceller. Working together since 1992, Cabello/Carceller (París, 1963/Madrid, 1964) develop an art project in common, focused on a critical reading of the hegemonic visual culture. Taking as starting point the feminist, queer and de-colonial theory, beyond visual and cultural studies, the artists create a body of work arguing the neoliberal model of social production.
Throughout interdisciplinary practices, Cabello/Carceller offer alternative interpretations to the conventional issues about political minorities, including in it the role developed by the contemporary art production. Their method, based on the mutual collaboration and incorporation of actors and external agents, allows the representation of displacements and disruptions revealing divergences and oppositions against the established values.

After their participation in the Spanish Pavilion at the last Venice Biennale (2015), this exhibition is the first retrospective of their trajectory: the works displayed reflect one another in a chrono-political way, in which the older pieces could be explained as references of the latests’ meaning.
By including documents and bibliographic references at the beginning of the exhibition, the artists aim to declare their intention, addressing an active viewer: a reader reconstructing the present through the chronological juxtapositions made by conquests and defeats. Presenting the works as representational devices, the exhibition constructs in its totality a theatrical space based on the repetition, highlighting the theme of the double, on which the artists has persistently worked.

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