Mitsuo Miura: Imagined Memories, 14 Mar 2013 — 02 Sep 2013

Mitsuo Miura: Imagined Memories

Imagined Memories, on display until September 2 at Palacio de Cristal, is an installation by Mitsuo Miura in collaboration with Museo Reina Sofìa. The Japanese artist, that has lived in Spain since 1966, focuses his work on the relation between space, artwork and nature creating installations that give life to new and often imaginary architectural landscapes.

Some coloured circles distributed on the floor of the Palacio are mirrored by some identical circles hooked into the building’s transparent roof. Every couple of circles creates an imaginary column and makes the whole installation similar to a sacred antiquity’s forest. Moreover, the colour of the structure changes according the weather and the time of the day, putting therefore into dialogue the installation with the outside Parque del Retiro.

The viewer partecipates to Imagined Memories as to an imaginary experience where the boundaries between cultural, organic, cultural and urban are put into question. Reactivating his imagination and memory, he takes part to a visual game to complete and, somehow, furnish the Palacio’s space. Miura’s (apparently) monumental installation, therefore, represents a space of possibilities to imagine architecture beyond the phisical and beauty beyond the visible.

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