Terry Haggerty: Still Motion, 21 Feb 2018 — 05 May 2018

Terry Haggerty: Still Motion

Terry Haggerty works with natural forms and man-made objects, using simple two colour combinations or multicoloured line arrangements painted on shaped wood panels and fabricated metal.

Using a simple curved line motif, Haggerty stretches the picture plane beyond view with running parallel lines that bend from sight to define both visible and invisible space. Within the confines of an outlined shape, multiple angles of a form, seemingly contradictory, are viewed from a single viewpoint.

For his first show at Ivorypress, Haggerty explores new territory with a series of recent paintings that move away from the line based works with bold areas of flat colour that loop and zig-zag over the surface.

Terry Haggerty was born in 1970 in London, England and lives in Berlin, Germany.

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