Amistades Estructurales, 01 Dec 2017 — 18 Feb 2018

Amistades Estructurales

Casa del Lago, Bosque de Chapultepec Primera sección, Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec

“Amistades Estructurales” has as its point of departure the fruitful relationship that Conlon Nancarrow (Texarkana, United States, 1912 – Mexico City, 1997) and the architect Juan O’Gorman (Mexico City, 1905 – 1982) sustained during four decades of friendship.
A relevant fact of their constant dialogue and exchange is the peculiar work of organic architecture that O’Gorman projected for Nancarrow in 1948, South of Mexico City. In addition to being one of the first enclosures with a marked organic character in the country, this building of illuminated horizontal spaces covered by petro-murals is characterised by the way in which regional elements converge with structures of functionalist reminiscence. Immersed in this architectural space, which served as home and workshop, the Mexican musician of American origin developed much of his sound experimentation.
The exhibition gathers a series of documents, objects, scores, sound works, interviews and archival images that show both the friendship that both characters shared and the historical context that defined them and the aspects that linked their diverse aesthetic interests.
Far from being understood as an exhaustive review of the work and thought of these artists, the exhibition was conceived as a brief documentary essay that explores the way in which the architectural and pictorial language of O’Gorman is interwoven with the experimental music of Nancarrow, also known as the genius of multiple times.

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T: +52 55 5211 6086

Casa del Lago, Bosque de Chapultepec Primera sección, Colonia San Miguel Chapultepec

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