Andy Warhol: Eat, Sleep, Kiss, 23 Sep 2016 — 21 Oct 2016

Andy Warhol: Eat, Sleep, Kiss

anonymous gallery, Córdoba 125, Roma Nte.,

This September, Anonymous Gallery will present the 3 Warhol films, “Eat”, “Sleep”, and “Kiss”, as part of Gallery Weekend Mexico. Through a curatoially contained installation, it is the hope that presentation will imagine a dialogue between the films that will resonate beyond their original intentions, but will also further explore Andy Warhol’s influence and legacy in Americas and the world.

“Eat”, “Sleep”, and “Kiss”, all created around 1963, led to the creation of nearly 650 short films and Screen Tests by Andy Warhol between 1964 and 1968. Warhol, considered one of the most significant artists of the 20th century, was not only an influence attributed to the movement known as Pop Art, but an innovator in avant-garde and experimental film.

The classical elements of life: earth, fire, air, and water were originally proposed by various ancient cultures to explain the nature and complexity of all matter and believed to be essential for life. Through his subjects [now historical and significant artists and poets, Robert Indiana (EAT), Jon Giorno (SLEEP), Gerard Malanga (KISS)] Warhol recorded his own elementary pillars of humanity through radical explorations that leapt beyond the frontiers of conventional cinema.


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T: +52 1 55 2155 1973

anonymous gallery, Córdoba 125, Roma Nte.,

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