Angela Leyva: Bilis Negra, 04 Feb 2020 — 24 Feb 2020

Angela Leyva: Bilis Negra

Reinterpretation and investigation of a clinical file belonging to Dr. Leyva, the artist's father, which consits of a series of low-resolution digital photographs of children with congenital conditions.

textraño, Rio Ebro #85 Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de Mexico

Textrano presents the exhibition Bilis Negra dedicated to a series by the Mexican artist Ángela Leyva.

For her series Bilis Negra (Black Bile), Leyva gathered the clinical files of people with congenital disease and created portraits based on their medical records. In order to maintain their anonymity, she distorted their faces by transferring their photographs into fabric and peeling them off with oil. She then asked her father, who is also a doctor, to diagnose the visual outcome of these images. The series proposes a new way to imagine the lives of real life patients through portraiture, allowing the viewer to rediscover the fictional lives of imaginary characters.

The show will be open from 12pm to 5pm, daily. For guided tours contact or via instagram @textrano_mucho.
On February 15 there will be a live performance of “Partitura para sujeto A, sujeto B” with two violin players playing an echocardiogram.
Contacts & Details
M: galeriatex@gmail

textraño, Rio Ebro #85 Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de Mexico

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