James hd Brown: The Pink Room, 15 Apr 2016 — 11 Jun 2016

James hd Brown: The Pink Room

Hilario Galguera, Francisco Pimentel 3, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc

Hilario Galguera Gallery presents The Pink Room by James hd Brown. The show consists on three bodies of work, all belonging to “My Other House” (Mi otra casa): a metaphysical exercise conceived by the artist during his time in Tanger in 1995. Brown has been creating utilitarian objects for over a 25-year period, many of which were presented in Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli in 2013 living together with the museum’s pre-hispanic collection. Part of the show was also Some neighbours in the garden of “My Other House”, a twelve-meter collage that recounts the visit to this “marvellous and touching garden, full of the most glorious roses; a garden from which you can observe the night sky – a sky like no other sky has ever imagined, a sky that not even heaven and hell could invent.”

That same garden has been revisited by Mr. Brown and from there, the Orb Paintings were conceived; a visual registry of the spheres that manifest voluntarily in the garden of “My Other House”, archives of these particle retroreflections that denote intensity and diverse nature, qualities that permeate “My Other House”. A selection of the 108 Orb Paintings is part of the exhibition in the gallery.

Mystery of “My Other House”: Home Economics, Gender and Zoning, a graph-like, chart-like painting reflects on the concept of time and mystery and explores three main concerns of “My Other House”: division of space, how we live and survive in shelter and gender rules. “My Other House” does not escape these issues and worries, and at once tries to abide while having dreams and desires. “My Other House” is a beacon, a place to share interests and collect ideas, where mystery and thoughtful interrogation converge.

“My Other House” is a stronghold of surprises, among them The Pink Room. The Pink Room is never static. Over the years there have been so many changes. Now it is in Colonia San Rafael. At the end of a long and wide corridor there is a room with no door. Inside, there is a carpet made specially by Carlos Calvi Studio in Monterrey. There are two twin panels, whose backgrounds were originally painted in Paris 20 years ago and were finished in Merida between 2015 and 2016. A series of monochromatic paintings adorn the room. For now.

The rest of the exhibition is dynamic, full of explanations and visions to and from “My Other House”.

Contacts & Details
Mon – Sat 11am – 5pm


T: +52 55 5546 6703 / 9001
M: info@galeriahilariogalguera.com

Hilario Galguera, Francisco Pimentel 3, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc

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