Jose Dávila: The Object And The Environment, 15 Sep 2016 — 16 Oct 2016

Jose Dávila: The Object And The Environment

The Museo Jumex Arte Contemporáneo presents “The Object And The Environment” , the exhibition is part of the series “In Focus”, dedicated to the study of Colección Jumex’s multiple lines of investigation. This show gathers a selection of works from the collection by Mexican artist Jose Dávila. Encompassing a decade of production, the show offers an interpretation of his extensive work emphasizing the relationship between art and the built environment —one of the main focuses of the museum’s curatorial program. This selection of work forms the basis for a sort of dialogue among different bodies of work that, nonetheless, address this topic in meaningful ways. In these pieces the relation between art and the built environment intersects with two other equally important lines of inquiry: references to the canonical histories of art and architecture, and the materiality of everyday life.

Jose Dávila (Guadalajara, 1974) has developed diverse bodies of work since the late 1990s, incorporating such media as installation, photographic intervention, drawing, and the three-dimensional object in particular. Trained in the field of architecture, Dávila has explored the manners in which the artistic object explicitly relates to art history, the exhibition space, and everyday life. These explorations determine the plastic qualities of his production. The selection of works in this exhibition reveals a close connection between objects, in all their material and semantic complexity, and a context that is at once architectural, historical, and social.

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