Post Neo Mexicanisms, 16 Apr 2016 — 31 Aug 2016

Post Neo Mexicanisms

The exhibition Post Neo Mexicanisms comprises a selection of works from the ESPAC Collection, plus some new acquisitions from its Contemporary Painting Program. Parting from works that during the nineteen-eighties criticized and eschewed the pro-government narratives spawned by modernization, as well as proposals from the nineties that provided insight into both conceptualism and minimalism, Post Neo Mexicanisms re-examines a series of works from the ESPAC Collection that are emblematic of the denationalizing artistic practices that hailed the advent of postmodernity in Mexico.

By situating itself after the neo-Mexicanist pictorial period, the ESPAC Contemporary Painting Program seeks to articulate narratives through a series of exhibitions and acquisitions that explore the quandaries of painting from the dawn of post-conceptual art to the present day. Thus, the exhibition Post Neo Mexicanisms forms part of a series of museum projects within the confines of a core program of curatorial research. Overall, the works shown here remind us of the inevitable openness of painting from the nineteen eighties to processes of globalization. With the aim of highlighting the differences, similarities, and specificities of this “denationalized” pictorial language, Post Neo Mexicanisms interweaves diverse individual proposals whereby the artists’ critical stances and pluralized ideologies mapped out new routes toward the denationalization of painting.

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