True Story, 19 Nov 2015 — 16 Jan 2016

True Story

Proyectos Monclova, Colima 55, Roma Norte

Proyectos Monclova hosts True Story, and exhibition curated by Michel Blancsubé.

The exhibition features works by Francis Alÿs, Francisca Aninat, Abdul Sharif Baruwa, Santiago Borja, Julien Devaux, Thomas Hirschhorn, Jean-Charles Hue, Juan Pablo Macías, Raul Ortega Ayala, Marco Rountree Cruz, Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda, Rodrigo Suárez, Tercerunquinto and will be on display at the gallery from November 19th, 2015 to January 16th, 2016.

“In True Story, the roles of the anode and the cathode are played respectively by a new work by Juan Pablo Macías and a video Jean-Charles Hue shot in Tijuana in 2007. For quite a few years now, Macías has been bringing back from oblivion various writings and facts relating to anarchism. Let’s say that in True Story, he offers Problemas del Momento en Nueve Estudios Breves, his Spanish rendering of Albert Kimsey Owen’s Problems of the Hour in Nine Brief Studies, published in 1896. Late in the 19th century, Owen founded a socialist colony in the town of Topolobampo, situated on the Pacific in western Mexico, not far from Los Mochis. Jean-Charles Hue worked with Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate Jorge Hank Rhon during his campaign for the governorship of the state of Baja California in 2007. Between these electrodes—one libertarian, the other more “pragmatic”—20 artifacts by 13 artists share the space. Individually, each floats alone between anode and cathode; together, they form a  semiotic sequence in which severity and frivolity rub shoulders when not purely and simply sharing common ground.

When it comes to truth, let the poet speak! ”

Michel Blancsubé

Contacts & Details
tue, wed, thu, fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; sat 11:00 am – 4:00 pm

mon, sun

T: +52 55 5525 9715

Proyectos Monclova, Colima 55, Roma Norte

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