Villavicencio Allan: Un vacío edificado, 14 Jul 2016 — 25 Sep 2016

Villavicencio Allan: Un vacío edificado

Luis Adelantado, Laguna de Términos 260, Col. Anáhuac

Luis Adelantado presents the exhibition of Allan Villavicencio, “Un vacío edificado“. In the curatorial text Roselin Rodríguez writes: “When we look at painting, what is what we actually see? Is it only an image or a material accumulation of pictorial gestures that build or underpin what we see on the surface? When we look at an image, what are we leaving out? Un vacío edificado by Allan Villavicencio, parts from these questions in order to think the painting as a construction, which delimits a visual frame, and relocates the question of where the painting starts and where it ends towards a broader one regarding the production of space in the city. In this way, the exhibited paintings will turn the inner delimitation strategies of the painting into a correlation of some demarcation strategies of the urban space.
The entire space of the gallery will be occupied by walkthrough installations located at undifferentiated building zones along with pictorial irruptions. Paintings, site-specific interventions, objets trouvés and the documentation of actions on the street that, altogether, constitute a liquefied architecture where the codification of the plastic space of the canvas, the exhibition space and the city contaminate and undermine each other. The interruption of the color planes, the elements of physical tension as well as different building and veiling materials will conform a visual and constructive weft”.

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mon, tue, wed, thu, fri 10:00 am – 6:00 pm



T: +52 55 5545 6645 / 31

Luis Adelantado, Laguna de Términos 260, Col. Anáhuac

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