Agustín Fernández: Armaduras, 03 Dec 2019 — 26 Apr 2020

Agustín Fernández: Armaduras

Born in Cuba in 1928, the late Agustín Fernández was a major figure among Cuban artists and within the international modernist movement; although he did not consider himself a Surrealist or a strictly erotic painter, he developed a distinctive pictorial practice exploring the relationships between eroticism and violence, human anatomy and machinery, unconscious yearnings and obsessions.
Spreading across the Janice and Alan Lipton Gallery, “Agustín Fernández: Armaduras” presents a series of paintings he produced in the early 1970s alongside related drawings and collages: the “Armadura Series” (“Armor Series”) in which black heraldic forms can be associated to Medieval life and mysticism, and suggest anatomical references, contemporary erotic practices, and violence.

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