Agustina Woodgate: Cosmetica, 22 Nov 2017 — 20 Dec 2017

Agustina Woodgate: Cosmetica

Spinello Projects, 2930 NW 7 Ave, Wynwood

“Cosmetica” by Agustina Woodgate, is a new makeup collection. Manufactured by hand sanding more than 300 maps, Woodgate erodes territorial markers, collecting and separating the dust by color. One of these maps, The Country in Flames, is now a defaced educational map of North America, once used in schools to teach the history of the continent. Sanding maps becomes the excuse for creating dust. The dust is composed of ink particles which at one time denoted historic and economic data, names of territories, and other references of land and water distribution. A powder press machine compresses every last bit of this dust into cosmetic compacts. The dust appears as make-up, cover-up, an unusable palate to conceal an imperfect terrain, to perpetuate an illusion of smooth and clearly defined features. The powders are embedded and embossed in stone plaques, residue from Alliance Monument, a headstone company.

Opening hours during Art Basel: Dec 5 – 10, 10am – 6pm; Dec 9, 10am – 12pm

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wed, thu, fri, sat 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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Spinello Projects, 2930 NW 7 Ave, Wynwood

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