Alice Rahon: Poetic Invocations, 26 Nov 2019 — 29 Mar 2020

Alice Rahon: Poetic Invocations

On the occasion of Miami Art Week 2019, a new exhibition dedicated to the French-Mexican surrealist painter Alice Rahon opens at The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami (MOCA).

“Poetic Invocations” – the first solo show dedicated in the U.S. to Rahon over the last 55 years – investigates a vital period during the 40s, when a consistent number of artists fled the World War II to settle in Mexico.

Featuring different pieces, including paintings, works on paper, assemblages, as well as archival material, the exhibition highlights the powerful interconnections between painting and poetry in her too-long-overlooked research; the paintings merge diverse motifs, Mexican landscapes, myths, legends and traditions, and techniques, such as the inclusion of sand, textures and graffito markings on the surface of the canvases.

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