Crossroads, 30 Nov 2021 — 03 Dec 2021


Aorist launches in Miami with an inaugural exhibition: “Crossroads“.

A decentralized experience throughout Miami, the exhibition is comprised of physical installations, Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, immersive experiences, and online-only artworks.

Crossroads can be opened or closed, guarded or traversed. But most of all, they can help us think about how we keep moving from one world to another, and how we can better approach the constant shift between digital and physical realms, by taping into our collective memories and old spiritual traditions.

Our Crossroads consist of experiences and exhibitions set both in physical and digital spaces. Cryptographic acupuncture and creative place-making help us select artists and artworks that can act as catalysts and mile-markers; guides and way-finders along the roads that connect the metaverse and our vernacular everyday landscapes.

The exhibition builds the foundations of a new public space, decentralized yet grounded, ephemeral yet permanent, in which digital architecture memorializes profound spiritual transformations. NFTs and pixels, in as much as sculptures and scents, help bridge and bring together — sustainably — the boundless possibilities of a future that, only for the moment, might appear too fragmentary and disconnected to grasp. But that has endless promise if we can just stand together in the gap.

Miami map and catalogue can be found here.

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