Dan Flavin at ICA Miami, 13 Jun 2019 — 12 Jan 2020

Dan Flavin at ICA Miami

A central figure of American art, Dan Flavin (New York 1933 – New York 1996) often added parenthetical dedications to friends, family members, artist colleagues, or historical figures to the title of his works, inserting social and art historical references into otherwise Minimal works. Building on the piece “Puerto Rican light (to Jeanie Blake) 2” (1965) in the museum’s permanent collection, one of the artist’s early signature fluorescent tube light sculptures, ICA Miami presents a focused presentation of his works from the mid-1960s. The name of the work refers to an employee at Green Gallery New York, Jeanie Blake, who remarked that the artist’s use of bright red, pink, and yellow colors reminded her of “Puerto Rican lights”. Flavin’s 1963 exhibition at Green Gallery was his first entirely composed of works made of fluorescent light and marked a major turning point in his career and the development of his signature Minimalist language.

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