Dave Muller: Rock ‘n’ Old, 15 Nov 2014 — 18 Jan 2015

Dave Muller: Rock ‘n’ Old

Los Angeles-based artist, DJ, and record collector Dave Muller (b. 1964, San Francisco) creates a mixed-media, site-specific installation that merges wall murals, large-scale paintings, three-dimensional works, and recorded music in the Center’s Main Gallery. The project includes Muller‘s interactive Three Day Weekend event, which engages the community in a free exchange of art, music, and ideas.

On the walls of the main gallery, Muller paints a mural of a timeline, or flow chart, based on the rise of rock ‘n’ roll as genre. The artist will complement this mural with paintings up to 7 feet tall that replicate the spines of record album covers. These depictions of 10 to 20 album cover spines are rendered at the height of the person who has chosen them.

Muller presents a new work of top album choices selected by legendary rock performer Iggy Pop, who personally supplied the artist with his top picks. The paintings serve as portraits of individuals based on their musical taste, while exploring the relationship between music, memory, and human experience. The artist includes music stations that are placed within the gallery. Sculptural elements will be exhibited as well.

Muller also presents a Three Day Weekend event in conjunction with the exhibition. He invites the public, including fellow artists, to participate in a series of fun, creative activities based around the exhibition’s themes. Three Day Weekend was originated by Muller after he was a student at Cal Arts; Muller would invite artists and musicians to show their work for friends in his home/studio over a long holiday weekend. He has since presented unique, site-specific versions of the event in such cities as London, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, and Vienna.

Three Day Weekend:

14 Nov, 6pm – 9pm | Artist’ reception

15 Nov, 2pm – 4pm | Meet and greet: artist talk with Dave Muller

16 Nov, 12noon – 2pm | Dave Muller will make free buttons for all visitors

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