Impulse, Reason, Sense, Conflict, 03 Dec 2014 — 20 Mar 2015

Impulse, Reason, Sense, Conflict

Impulse, Reason, Sense, Conflict. Abstract Art from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection explores Abstraction as an aesthetic category instead of as a movement or art trend.

Since its inception Abstraction has provided a series of models that remain paradigmatic and exemplary in today’s art production. The exhibit is divided in five areas: Abstract Impulses dedicated to the rupture with mimetic representation and its concomitant representational crisis. Laboratory of Reason refers to the questioning of the nature, essence and even the existence of art implied in abstration. Uncommon Senses relates to the integration and crossover of other art forms that required the use of multiple senses, both from its makers and art’s viewers. Spatial Conflicts touches on abstraction as a radical change in the conception of spatiality that substituted the Rennaisance perspectival notion of space. The last section Expanded Field deals with many artists’ experimentation with non-traditional media like photography, film, video and installation. (This group of works will only exist in a separate form in the catalogue).

“Abstraction is one of the most pervasive ideas in contemporary art,” explainedJesus Fuenmayor, Executive Director of the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation “hence the diversity of the artworks that are relate to it some way or another. Most of the pieces selected have never been in exhibition before at CIFO. We are very excited to showcase this great world-wide selection”.

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