Jayaram: Making Miami, 05 Dec 2023 — 12 Dec 2023

Jayaram: Making Miami

75 NE 39th St Suite 801 Miami, Florida 33137

MAKING MIAMI is a love letter to Miami. A cultural juggernaut—shaped by community leaders, arts organisations, philanthropists, artists and the institutions that uplift them—Miami’s cultural body is rivalled by few cities in the world, and yet its origin story remains largely untold. Before the luxury brands, tech founders and real estate boom, there existed a dynamic and prolific ecosystem of artist-run, non-profit spaces that emerged and were nurtured in what we now know as the Miami Design District.

Powered by Jayaram, MAKING MIAMI features four of the most influential spaces that emerged in the Design District in the early 2000s, which continue to thrive and support artists today. Bringing to life a re-imagining of the original neighborhood, the massive and dramatic outdoor installation invites all who have lived and are visiting here to engage with a true Miami story.

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75 NE 39th St Suite 801 Miami, Florida 33137
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