Jim Drain: Zapf Dingbats, 03 Dec 2018 — 05 Jan 2019

Jim Drain: Zapf Dingbats

The  solo exhibition hosted at gallery Nina Johnson, collects sculptures, drawings, and wallpaper, by artist Jim Drain, which further investigate the current state of things in American society. Drain’s works act as a response to the political and social upsettings exasperated by current presidential administration and engage the history of utopianism. “Zapf Dingbats” revolves around some typical sculptures from Drain’s production, made of found and assembled materials, which recall Russian Constructivism, and different American movements, such as the artists of Black Mountain College, and the Shakers. Besides them, a series of flat woven paintings is showcased; by using a pictographic font, the artist conveys political messages, wisely hidden in the design of the objects.

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